Media - Photographs and videos may be taken at time to promote CC Football sessions e.g. Conrad Logan Goalkeeper Academy and shared across medium such as our website and social media. Do you consent to media including your child being used?

By completing this form and clicking submit below, I give my child permission to take part in any CC Football sessions and hereby remove CC Football from any and all liability of any kind in relation to personal injury or property damage.  The child listed above is in good health and fit to take part in exercise. If any illness or injury does occur and I cannot immediately be contacted, I give consent for a trained first aider to give initial care to my child above and in the event a medical professional is required I give permission for that person to administer any care or treatment they deem necessary. 

WEEKLY SESSIONS PAYMENT INFO - Payment is made via standing order on 1st of each month.  The session cost is worked out over a year so is the same each month regardless of the amount of sessions.  You can view the session dates at and go into the relevant session and you'll find the info in the weekly sessions section. 

Costs are as follows

Conrad Logan Goalkeeper Academy £30 a month

Bank Details   

Acc name : CC Football   

Acc no : 08325163

Sort code : 09-01-29

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